We gladly take appointments, walk-ins or we can come to you. Second, after your fingerprints are taken, we then send them to the FDLE immediately. The entire fingerprinting process is quick, taking less than 3 minutes to complete and then you’re on your way.Our drug testing services are fully automated using the most up to date technology. You can book appointments online and email your employees directions and hours of operations to the most widely used labs.


Our fingerprinting services cut down the process time from 3-8 weeks to 24-72 hours. The reason for this dramatic reduction of time is that our fingerprinting system immediately transmits the data to the FDLE and on to the FBI rather than manually sending fingerprinting cards through the mail.Like our fingerprint results, our drug test results are just as fast. No more waiting in the mail for results. Within 24-72 hours have your results in your inbox.


Our electronic fingerprinting system has a reduced error rate, and if there are any errors or misprints, you’ll know automatically. The reprints can be taken on the spot. By utilizing our technology you will be able to track the drug testing process from start to finish. You will be able to see when the donor has arrived at the lab and when the results have been sent to the MRO for processing.


At Advanced Fingerprinting, we take your privacy very seriously. All information is sent encrypted to the proper government agencies.